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Fuseboard Replacement

Many things don't stand the test of time - and that could be said for a lot of us! However, when it comes to the fusebox, it's no laughing matter. Many of the older boards do not have RCD (Residual Current Device) protection and this is really a must these days. It means that if an incident occurs the supply is cut off almost instantly, minimising the chances of a serious electrical incident.

And these days our supplies are under so much more pressure given the amount of gadgets the average home now has.

RCD's are clever enough to detect faulty appliances before you are even aware and will even activate if someone accidentally touches a live cable in your home. The capabilities of an RCD far exceed any other safety function of a fusebox such as a trip switch activating or a fuse blowing. An RCD activates in less than a split second. 

It is always a bind having to recommend to customers considering other home upgrades such as new kitchens and major decorating to hold off until their consumer unit has been upgraded. Many kitchen fitters will not fit a kitchen unless the home has RCD protection.

if you want to check if you have RCD protection look for a button with T on it for Test.


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